1. Ballast Point Indra Kuninda Stout Ballast Point scored big points with this stout spiced with noticeable hints of curry. Easily a high point.

2. Joseph James Banana Split Creamweizen A terrific twist on the typical hefeweizen flavor, this was dessert in a glass, and very refreshing to boot.

3. The Bruery Bourbon Barrel-Aged Smoking Wood This smoked beer was the biggest beast of the day by far, a rich and satisfying pour that had us tempted to go back for seconds.​ But so much to drink …

4. Elysian Space Dust IPA There were several standout IPAs at the event, but this one took honors with us. It’s everything you want in an IPA, and the flavor lingers forever.

5. Nearly everything at the Able Baker booth Brewmaster James Manos wowed crowds last year with his Five Pepper Porter, and he returned this year with that and several other palate pleasers, including Test Site Saison, which smelled like a snickerdoodle and tasted even better, and Chris Kael IMpale Ale, an imperial brown rye ale poured by Chris Kael, the bass player for Five Finger Death Punch. Here’s hoping Manos opens his much-anticipated brewery sometime this year.