Lineup: Vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Walker Rose, drummer James Norman, guitarist/keyboardist Seth Smith, bassist Jason Aragon and a horn section that consists of Stephen White (trumpet) and Justin Kones (trombone). Rose says the skeleton for the band formed in 2004 as The Pines, and, after relocating to places as far as Seattle and San Antonio, circled back to Las Vegas as All-Night Visitors.

Sound: The entire spectrum of indie rock, from the soft, Leonard Cohen-esque “Poor Thing” to the feedback-heavy “Long Gone.”

Spin: “Animal Mind.” The first track from the band’s latest EP, People, Places, Things, fuses groovy analog keys a là The Doors with classic Americana before launching into a glorious slow jam. Think of it as a three-minute primer on the band.

Influences: “We’re equally inspired by literature and music,” Rose says. “We’re inspired by writers such as Henry Miller and the Beats to oldies such as Brian Wilson and James Brown.”

Film: The band has ties with production company Critical Focus, which crafted visuals for “Poor Thing.” In the video, a scantily clad woman takes us through the rooms of the long-dormant Fergusons Motel on Fremont Street, and it’s packed with a cast of characters. That relationship will continue in the band’s forthcoming video for “Animal Mind.”

On the docket: Lots of new music. “[The songs on] People, Places, Things are high-energy cuts from the sessions we tracked for the LP. This time, we went as experimental, challenging and ambitious as we could, almost to the point of recklessness.”

Future plans: Expect the second All-Night Visitors LP in 2018, and a live set at Artisan’s May the 4th Star Wars party.